Music & Sound Design by Barrett Slagle:  Creating an unforgettable sonic experience that exists in a universe of its own for each project, utilizing unconventional and unexpected techniques to breathe life into the visuals and bind the entire picture together.


My story in sound began in my childhood bedroom many years ago, where I consumed everything from punk rock to orchestral film scores with my faithful pet snake silently humming along beneath the foreboding red light of her terrarium.  My music has taken me on tour across the U.S. through the journey of two successful bands, to the position of head engineer and producer at a recording studio in Southern California, and my current position as co-owner of LA based animation and audio studio, Open The Portal.  I work with a library of commercial and creative clients to bring a fresh dimension of sound design to advertising, film, immersive experiences and experimental new forms. 

My speciality is creating original sound and music from the ground up, working one-on-one with each creator to ensure that the experience is specifically tailored to the needs of each project.


Not to brag but to name a few..

Music Library

A sampling of my original musical compositions.



Music Composition

Original music written and recorded for a project.  I can offer my own creative input and direction in this regard, or use your suggestions and influences to create an original composition that fits a specific feeling or style.

Sound Design

Sound design refers to all of the audio elements that appear in a piece, including all sound effects and atmospheric audio.  It is the art of recording, acquiring, manipulating or generating audio elements designed to bring the picture to life.



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"If you think you're too far out, you're only half way there"